Our Services

  • Tutoring in math, reading comprehension, report writing, and oral presentations.

  • Coaching in study skills to include:

    • How to apply appropriate strategies​

    • How to construct and use graphic representations

    • How to summarize information

    • How to make reading notes

    • How to conduct and report research

  • Offering support and educational resources to families with special needs students or home schooled children.​

Our Tutors

  • Are responsive to students' individual needs and can maximize their learning potential via flexible teaching strategies.

  • Build on students' current interests and encourage them to discover new interests.

  • Guide students through challenging materials, and show them how to work through their confusion.

  • Match the complexity of work to the students' readiness to complete the task.

  • Connect what students already know to what they are learning. 

  • Offer different modes of learning tailored to the learning style of the student.

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